13 AUGUST 2022


Zomer Festival


André Hazel performed live at Eetcafé Zout during the Zomer Festival that took place at Strandpark Vlugtenburg , situated in the town of 's-Gravenzande.

His live performance  in the evening was the culmination of a long day of festivities to finish up the day with good vibrations.



Beaches and fun


People visited the camping site filled with activities. other artists also performed live during the day. There were activities for kids and adults with a variety of food & drinks available for the visitors during the day.



Good weather


The weather was nice and it was busy during the whole day as was expected.

André Hazel brought some of his positive vibes at the end of the day and so contributing to making this event a success ...


Pictures by: Madeleine Schuurman Hess / Monique Meijer / Eetcafé Zout crew

Eetcafé Zout is situated in "Vlugtenburg" vacation park in the town of 's-Gravenzande. The place is walking distance from the beach that connects to Hoek van Holland. Eetcafé Zout serves delicious food and drinks...
For more information go to: www.eetcafezout.nl


Zomer Festival




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