3 JULY 2022


Beautiful place on the sea


André Hazel performed at a very beautiful restaurant on a pier called Strandclub Zee. The location is close to where "Concert at Sea" took place on the same weekend of the performance of André Hazel.



Live in Sealand


It was the first time every that André Hazel performed live in Zeeland. He had already performed close to the region of Zeeland in the past, but this time he was live inside this fascinating province of The Netherlands.



Chillin' on a Sunday afternoon


André Hazel will start to perform live around 15:00. He started performing inside the restaurant. Soon after the weather became better and he started continued his performance outside on the terrace of Strandclub Zee, during his performance he brought some Summer feel to the people who were enjoying their food & drinks..


Pictures by: Raf Croes

Strandclub Zee is known for its vibrant atmosphere. There's also a lot of sport activities in the area. In all it is a beautiful and cozy place to hang out with friends & family, especially in the Summer.
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Strandclub Zee


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