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What a night it was!!! People who were present during this night described the show as "André Hazel created a good vibe during the whole night" or "He brought a wide diversity of music genres during this night".
André Hazel performed the whole night as a solo artist, bass player, lead vocalist & percussionist on this day together with different musicians.
Leslo Wanders, DJ of 111Radio was the Master of Ceremony (MC) throughout the night.
He gave the audience a history & biography of André Hazel during the night in between acts.
5 lucky people in the audience won the CD giveaway of one of the bands that performed during this night!
All the acts:





Pop - Rock

Photo: Iwan de Brabander

With power & energy they closed off the night of André Hazel & Friends.
Performing original songs with André Hazel on the bass.
Rascal also give the audience a sneak peak of their newest songs.
Rascal had previously performed live at Bevrijdingsfestival in Zoetermeer.
They have an EP called "From The Start" is available on all streaming sites online.
For more info go to: www.rascalband.com


Acoustic Surf Music

Photo: Iwan de Brabander

Nelson opened the night with some original songs from his EP titled "Nelson Unplugged" on his guitar while André Hazel was playing on the Cajon.
The audience were singing along and clapping while he was performing his relaxing songs on his guitar.
Nelson is an aspiring singer-songwriter from Portugal currently living in Noordwijk.
André Hazel has performed on many occasions with him live.
He's inspired by acts like Jack Johnson & Ben Harper.
For more info go to: www.nelsonfonseca.com


Singer Songwriter -  Pop

Photo: Iwan de Brabander

With an unplugged feel, Sharon Overkamp was accompanied by André Hazel & Xavier Geerman on the acoustic guitar.
With her powerful voice she sang a few songs and made the feel very intimate while the audience enjoyed her performance.
Sharon Overkamp is a singer-songwriter with her own band "Share!".
She is also one of the lead singers of My Universe. she did also perform with the band Dubbinance on this night.
For more info go to: www.facebook.com/sharonoverkamp13


Pop  - R&B - Rock

Photo: Vanessa Petrocchi

Giia was the first band to perform live.
Giving a little taste of soul in their music Giia sang her longs out while the band produced a groovy sound live.
Giia music started off as a music project focusing on music with a deeper meaning about life especially from a female perspective. Giia (Giandra Figaroa) was joined by André Hazel (guitar),  Nando Schalks (drums), Sanne Leenders (guitar/keys) & Kahlam Merchant (bass guitar).
For more information go to: www.facebook.com/giiamusic


Reggae - Dub

Photo: Iwan de Brabander

Dubbinance will performed live on the 26th of October 2019.
This 8 man formation was creating a very nice vibe, they made people dance and feel the music during this night.
The performed all their songs of their EP "Dubbinance EP" and ended up jamming while André Hazel was singing together with her backing vocalist Giia & Sharon Overkamp.
Dubbinance started off as a project by André Hazel.
He produced many reggae songs with the intent to one day perform them live.
For more information go to: www.dubbinance.com
WPC Nederland Drie is one of the most prestigious live music stage in the Westland area of The Netherlands.
They have live acts every weekend and are situated in Wateringen, a town just outside of The Hague, The Netherlands.
For more info go to: www.nederlanddrie.nl


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