Live at the morning show of WOS


André Hazel is set to start the month of December with a live performance on the morning radio show at WOS, presented by "Linda Groenewegen". She will be interviewing André Hazel about his music career.



MIni Concert at WOS Radio show


During the program he will talk about his current activities.

He will also play some original songs live during the show.

This is the perfect time for André Hazel to be on the radio as he is currently involved in different projects that are projected to be release in the year 2022.



Early in the morning


The morning show, broadcast on weekdays by "Linda Groenewegen" has live performance every Friday.

André Hazel is set to perform live on the first Friday of December. Tune in as André Hazel is set to bring some positive vibes to WOS.

















Event:                        WOS Radio show by Linda Groenewegen


Date of Event:           3 December 2021



Time:                         08:30 - 9:00



Radio:                       www.wos.nl/popup/radio/livestream



Type of Event:           Radio interview / performance


Entrance:                   Not for public





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