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This was definitely an unforgettable concert, André Hazel had the privilege to host & perform live  during this indoor festival in the complex building of Popradar.
The festival started with lectures and presentations from artists and renown people in the music industry.
In Room 3, popularly known as the "Unplugged Stage", André Hazel and host Leslo Wanders of "111Radio" were preparing to start with the live performances that were about to take place on stage.
André Hazel was also the sound engineer when the other artists were performing live.
The first artist that took the stage was "Onwijs Gijs", an experienced musician who was accompanied by a lead guitarist of his own band.
Here they performed some catchy songs and made an excited start of the night in the acoustic room.
The second artist was the Haarlem native "Leah Rye", a very talented piano player and singer that cultivated the audience with her slow ballad combined with a very modern sound.
She made the night more intimate and had the audience tuned in while she was performing her original song.
The third act was “Pigeon Rally”.
This duo, led by singer/songwriter “Leo the Eskimo” performed some nice tunes with a new wave sound.
Usually they perform live as a band, but on this special occasion they chose to perform as a duo.
André Hazel was the fourth act and was determined to make it a big party.
And a party it was, people were singing along with him while he was performing his original songs.
There were even people trying to get in Room 3 to see what was going on due to the loud singing from the audience.
At the end he had a standing ovation from the audience who enjoyed his last performance before the partial lock-down of the Covid-19 pandemic.
During his performance Dirk Lybeert took over as sound engineer and ensured that the sound was on point during his performance.
The night continued with a performance by "Al Stone", this skillful musician performed original blues feel music using a tap kick percussion instrument.
The night ended with a special performance by the Chapman Stick tap-guitar player "Ron Baggerman".
He performed and gave an explanation about his unique instrument, where he combines rhythm while performing solo parts, in other words, making it sound as if more musicians are playing simultaneously.
At the end the audience almost demanded for him to do one more song to which he complied and surely did not disappoint.
Winterfest, organised by Popradar is an annual indoor festival in The Hague.
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 Photo by: Irene Lantman



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