18 JUNE 2022


Culture Festival


André Hazel was part of Vestingcode 2022 that took place in Hellevoetsluis. He performed live at different locations at different time in the afternoon of the 18th of June 2022.



 A lot of activities & acts


There was a lot of activities in the Centrum area of Hellevoetsluis. Artists like Joost Wander, Ivo Gleeman & The Catch also performed live at different locations on the Acoustic Stage. André Hazel started exactly at 13:00 and went on to also perform at different locations.



André Hazel quadruple performance


André Hazel started off at the terrace of Baantje at Oostzanddijk during this cultural festival, that took place in Hellevoetsluis. He continued in front of De Waag, after this performance he performed at Restaurant Fortezza, a beaufitul restaurant with a view of old ships. He finished his performance at Barbiertje, where the public was very enthousiastic and enjoying the nice weather...





Vestingcode Hellevoetsluis is a free culture festival that takes place annually in the city center of Hellevoetsluis. There will be unexpected presentations during the afternoon when The Festival takes place in Hellevoetsluis...
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