Soffree on Fifty Four

Live at Soffree On Fifty Four


André Hazel performed live in the beautiful town of Oud-Beijerland, situated in the south area of the city of Rotterdam. He performed live at Soffree on Fifty Four, a nice bar/restaurant.



Live music


André Hazel performed live at the bar area of this amazing place. He brought some good vibes during his performance to an awesome audience that will be present. Even people outside were enjoying his live performance.



Friday night live


The performances took place on a Friday. The performance started at 20:00 on 14th of October 2023. He is already set to perform in 2024 so stay tuned to be present for his live performance in 2024...


"Soffree on Fifty Four" is a cozy bar & restaurant situated in the beautiful town of Oud-Beijerland. They have an outside terras and are situated at the beginning of "winkeldijk", a popular shopping street in this town.
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