26 JUNE 2022


Sunday live music


André Hazel performed live during a very entertaining event called Singelpark Diner, where guests had the chance to enjoy some delicious food while enjoying live music that has been provided in this case by André Hazel & other musicians.



André live at Ankerpark


André Hazel started performing live around 12:30, people that visited the city had the chance to enjoy some live music. The weather was nice and the location where André Hazel had the chance to perform, which is Ankerpark, was like a natural stage.



We want more


During the last set of André Hazel, people were engaged during the performance, clapping hands and some even dancing. After the last song people couldn't let André Hazel go just yet and started chanting "we want more", so he complied and did one last song for the people. The vibe was amazing and a special thanks to the organization of Singelpark Diner, Lakenfeesten Leiden & Leids Grachtenconcert...



Singelpark Diner, previously "Leiden Culinair" is an event where you can get food while enjoying nice music & art along the water ways that surrounds the city center of Leiden. Singelpark Diner takes place this year at Ankerpark in the city of Leiden.
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Singelpark Diner


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