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25 May 2019


Oh, what a night it was. André Hazel performed live at Route 66 Café in Scheveningen.
The night had a slow start, due to other events taking place in the city centre of The Hague.
Right after the second set of André Hazel people started coming in.
Peter Stoker joined in during the second set and performed a few songs alongside André Hazel.
The night continued with André Hazel combining original songs with cover songs.
At the end when the performance was supposed to be over, he continued to play more songs.
The energy in the room increased while he was live in action.

29 June 2019

It was a hot summer day in Scheveningen, so André Hazel decided to start later in the evening.
He started jamming outside and after that started performing live.
During the second set close to the end it became a jam session where people joined in on the bass guitar and drum to perform a few songs with André Hazel.

19 October 2019

The night started off with Giia on the mic and André Hazel on the guitar.
During their performance some people joined in on the cajon and shake egg.
Members of the blog website about activities in The Hague "Jitters" were also present and some even joined in singing and playing along.
At the end André Hazel finished the night singing songs to the public.
Route 66 Café is one of the newest live music venues in the area of Scheveningen.
Aside from beverages, they also serve snacks and food.
Feel free to visit and enjoy live music especially during the weekend.
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