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24 July 2019
Finally André Hazel got the chance to perform on the terrace at the new building of Vakantiepark Koningshof called "Het Polderhuis".
The weather projections were indicating that it will be raining exactly at the time of the performance.
Fortunately it didn't rain and the sun came up allowing André Hazel to perform outside.
During his performance many people from the Koningshof camping and nearby camping sites came to Het Polderhuis to listen to André Hazel sings many songs.
He took a small break just to change his broken guitar string.
After that the party continued.
7 August 2019
André Hazel accompanied Nelson during his performance.
He played the Cajon while Nelson was performing on his acoustic guitar.
André Hazel performed a few songs himself on the guitar while Nelson was taking a break. During the second set there was also a short dancing performance by a Flamenco dancer that showed her moves.
The audience was without a shadow of a doubt delighted by her performance.
André Hazel again took the stage and ended the night with a few more songs.
Vakantiepark Koningshof is a vacation place in Rijnsburg.
The park has different activities in the Summer. Polderhuis is the restaurant building with delicious food and drinks.
For more information, visit their website at www.koningshofholland.com.


Picture by: Victoria Gomez-Guillamon






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