Live music at Baek Food & Drinks


On the corner just before reaching the Markthal, there is an amazing café called Baek Food & Drinks.

Here is the place where André Hazel performed live during the Pica Pica 010 event that takes place at different locations across the city of Rotterdam.



An unplugged performance


He started his performance acoustically. Lucky enough his voice was loud enough to accommodate the audience sitting inside.

The people enjoyed some original music by André Hazel. He also did a song where people were singing along.

Just before he finished his performance his guitar string broke, but he managed to finish the song without a scratch.



 Back again in Rotterdam


The artist "Nona Luca" took the stage and performed some songs live after the performance by André Hazel.

It was the second time that he performed live in the city center of Rotterdam.

Stay tuned for more upcoming shows by André Hazel as he is currently in preparation with different music projects.



















14 NOVEMBER 2021


Pica Pica 010 is part of Stichting Vreemde Vogel, aiming at organizing cultural music events across Rotterdam and The Netherlands. Pica Pica 010 brings live music to remarkable & new locations across the city of Rotterdam.
For more information go to: www.picapica010.com


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