Live stream at ONC


Singer/songwriter André Hazel took part of a unique performance at ONC Parkdreef.

He was the special guest during a curriculum in which students had to learn more about music and artists.

Anne-Gé was in charge of this project and wanted to have a live performing artist during the culmination of the project.

The students streamed the performance live from home and had the chance to ask questions about the career of André Hazel as a musician.



Interaction with students


André Hazel managed to answer most of the questions asked by the students, questions about his passion,

his past & about his most inspired moment during his career.

Playing via live streaming is sort of a new experience for him as he usually performs in front of a live audience.

He described his performance as "performing in an empty room while feeling an audience watching you".



Premiere at ONC Parkdreef


The performance of André Hazel has been considered a pilot project for the future of education at ONC Parkdreef.

Due to the success of this event, it is currently being laid out to be implemented as an additional value to the education,

where students can directly interact with special guests or artists during their time at school.


































                  Footages by: A'Hum TV crew & Gert-Jan Hayes

17 FEBRUARY 2021

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