27 APRIL 2022


into The Markt with activities


André Hazel's performance was only a part of the celebration during KIng's Day in Maassluis. His performance closed off a day filled with activities.

The day started at 9:00 h with performances by artists & dj's.



One main stage


In the center of the square there was a special stage setup. DJ Robin got his music going to celebrate this national day. The people enjoyed a performance by party singer Irvine that sang traditional Dutch hits where people could sing along.



Last act


André Hazel was the last artist to take the stage to finish off the day. He performed summer songs to embrace the Sun that was shining at the moment of his performance. It was a beautiful day and even kids & toddlers had the chance to enjoy the performance of André Hazel...




Pictures by: Vanessa Petrocchi

Markt (Maassluis) has many bar, cafe & restaurant.
You can enjoy your time on the square by relaxing on the terrace or just sitting inside any of the places located on the main part of this beautiful town.




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