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27 June 2020
André Hazel had the privilege to perform live at the markt in Maassluis.
Café’s that were involved are:
"Restaurant Alfa", “Grand Café de Waker", “Brasserie2012” and “Eetcafe de Admiraal”.
This was a great initiative to restart the Summer with live music.
André Hazel performed good feel songs which at the end made people dance on the streets of the Markt.
It was a joyful day and people enjoyed some good live music.
1 August 2020
The weather was much better the second time around when André Hazel performed at Maassluis.
He started performing live with the intention to perform from 15:00h - 18:00h on the Markt area of Maassluis.
The energy of the people intensified close to the end of his performance.
So he did one more song to make everyone enjoy it a bit longer.
To everyone's surprise, the “one more” song became like “20 more” songs while each time mentioning that it would be his last song.
André Hazel continued two extra hours performing live on the square, people were enthusiastic, singing along and enjoying an unforgettable day in Maassluis.
André Hazel ended his performance at 20:00h instead of 18:00h.
22 August 2020
Yet another entertaining performance by André Hazel. This time he only performed around 4 hours long. The audience was enthusiastic and on occasion singing along.
Picture by: Ka Hopster
Markt is located in the centre of Maassluis.
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Eetcafe De Admiraal: @eetcafedeadmiraal

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