Good night with live music


Back again at De Maatschappij in Scheveningen performing some live music.

André Hazel started the night with some slow tempo songs while people were still arriving at De Maatschappij.

After a while there were more people inside and some of them even started to sing along and dance while André was performing live.



De Maatschappij


André Hazel was part of "Man met Gitaar" an event that takes place every Wednesday night,

where a singer-songwriter comes and performs music on hies guitar.

It is intended to give Scheveningen, especially Keizerstraat the live music feel that has been missing for a while.



More events in Scheveningen


The performance of André Hazel at De Maatschappij in Scheveningen will not be his last one in the area of Scheveningen.

He is currently performing every Friday at "Foodhall Scheveningen"  situated on the boulevard of Strandweg.

More events are also set to take place in de Keizerstraat, the street where De Maatschappij is located.



































13 OCTOBER 2021

De Maatschappij is a café & restaurant in Scheveningen.
They serve delicious food and beverages and has an outside terrace.
Inside you can choose to have dinner or enjoy some drinks at the bar.
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