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11 June 2020 (Man Met Gitaar Sessies)


After an absence from live music due to Covid-19 measurement in The Netherlands,
André Hazel finally had the chance to be on stage again.
He performed at: "De man met gitaar" at De Maatschappij in Scheveningen.
The night started with a nice vibe and slowly progressed into a very joyful evening.
It was noticeable that people were excited to have live music again.
Singing along and engaging by interacting with André Hazel.
23 September 2020 (Man Met Gitaar Sessies)
André Hazel performed live once again at De Maatschappij in Scheveningen.
He started playing original songs during his performance on this night.
Afterwards he performed cover songs of reggae artists including songs of Bob Marley.
The audience started to feel the positive vibes and started singing along.
At one point it had to be reminded to the audience that singing along is not allowed, but it was already clear that the audience wanted to be engaged with the performance of André Hazel.
He ended his performance, but the audience wanted one more song before he truly could've finished his performance.
De Maatschappij is a nice place to perform, it has an inside bar and outside terrace with a stage for live performance.
Located in Keizerstraat in Scheveningen.
They serve drinks & food for its clients and occasionally have live music from renown artists from the region.
For more info or reservations go to:
Photo by: Roy Schlameisen





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