14 AUGUST 2022




André Hazel performed live at a very nice café called Café Lievense, situated in the beautiful and lively city of Breda. He played some good feel music on a Sunday afternoon.



Premiere for André Hazel


It was the first time ever that André Hazel was performing live in Breda. he has been already in between the city, but now he finally reached the middle ground. He felt the excitement of the audience at Café Lievense.



Live on Funday


André Hazel started his performance at 16:00. The weather was good outside, but he played inside where the temperature was also amazing due to the air conditioning... It was a nice Sunday afternoon with live music...


Café Lievense is situated at the characteristic harbour area of Breda, it is the perfect meeting place and a nice place to go out. They have live music and a variety of beer brands that young and old can enjoy while visiting...


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Café Lievense


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