21 AUGUST 2022


Live on the boulevard


André Hazel performed live during "De Levende Beelden Festival" in Noordwijk. it took place on the 21st of August 2022. He performed alongside other musicians on the Boulevard of Noordwijk. The weather was nice with the Sun shining most of the time.



Arts & more arts


During his performance he brought some positive Summer vibes on the boulevard. Aside him was "Nelson" who also was one of the musicians that day. Aside from musicians artists were walking around as living statues. It was beautiful to see all the creativity during the festival.



Live music


Levende Beelden takes place annually on a Sunday afternoon at the boulevard of Noordwijk aan Zee. Many artists give an exhibition of their art in the form of living statues while artists are also performing on the street.



Pictures by: Nelson Fonseca

Fein facilitates & organizes important events in the area of Noordwijk. Fein is the organizer of Ibiza Festival, Cirque Des Dunes and De Levende Beelden Festival, all there events takes place annually on the boulevard of Noordwijk aan Zee...
For more information go to: www.fein-noordwijk.nl


De Levende Beelden




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