Live music in Brielle


André Hazel has been invited to perform once again in 't Kont van het Paard situated in Brielle. During his entrance he saw familiar faces waiting for the live music to begin. He went through a quick sound check and prepared himself for what was to become an incredible party feel performance in Brielle.



Lots of dancing and sing-along


He started his performance and during his second song people were starting to get into the groove. People started to sing along. André Hazel also accepted special request from the audience and people were singing along.



Thank you Brielle


André Hazel finished his performance due to technical difficulties on his guitar five minutes before his performance was intended to end. Unable to continue he still managed to get his guitar and sing a few songs acoustically for some audiences. This ended up becoming a sing-along where even the background music had to be lowered to accommodate the parry that was taking place around André Hazel.

it was an amazing day for André Hazel performing twice on this day.





















't Kont van het Paard is a café & restaurant situated in the historic area of Brielle.
They have delicious food and have a bar where you can grab your drinks and on occasion enjoy some live music.
For more information go to: www.kontvanhetpaard.nl


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