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At ‘t Kont van het Paard in Brielle they continued operating during the Covid-19 era.
Only thing that was missing was live music.
But that didn’t take long, they took the initiative to still have live music at this venue.
The only difference was that the artist performed without an audience present.
The performances were streamed live via Facebook from ‘t Kont van het Paard.
Soon the measurements were partially lifted in the month of June.
The government allowed a limited audience to be present during live music at that time.
21 June 2020 (Lazy Sunday)
So, André Hazel had the chance to perform live again in front of the limited crowd.
Next to the stage there was a special audience that André Hazel called the V.I.P.’s.
They did not disappoint, they assisted André Hazel by singing along with his songs.
The session is a weekly event that goes by the name of “Lazy Sunday”.
20 September 2020 (Lazy Sunday)
André Hazel performed again on request from fans at 't Kont van het Paard.
He performed some up-tempo catchy songs during this day.
People were enjoying the songs inside and outside due to good weather.
He finished his set with a song by legendary artist Bob Marley.
‘t Kont van het Paard is a café, restaurant in the heart of Brielle.
This café has a beautiful interior design.
The kitchen is open during the day and at night it turns into a bar serving beverages to its customers.
For more information go to www.kontvanhetpaard.nl


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