3 APRIL 2022


Live in Brielle


André Hazel performed live during the Sunday Acoustic Live music at 't Kont van het Paard in the beautiful town of Brielle.

He brought some positive vibes for the people in the area after a long weekend of festivities.



450 Year celebration


It was a weekend of festivities in Brielle, people started celebrated throughout the city and at 't Kont van het Paard. When it was time for André Hazel to perform, people were more in a relaxing mode due to their 3 day long celebration. Even so, they enjoyed the performance by André Hazel.



More performances


André Hazel will continue with his performances in the year 2022. He will be performing mainly in The Netherlands. It is not the first time that André Hazel has performed live at 't Kont van het Paard, but it was an unforgettable one seeing that people were celebrating all weekend long...


Pictures by: Claudia Vermeulen

't Kont van het Paard is a café & restaurant situated in the historic area of Brielle.

They have delicious food and have a bar where you can grab your drinks and on occasion enjoy some live music.


For more information go to: www.kontvanhetpaard.nl


't Kont van het Paard




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