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30 May 2019


Kompaan Beer Bar is the location where André Hazel performed alongside Nelson.
The night started with Nelson on guitar and André Hazel on the Cajon.
They performed acoustic surf music together.
Then it was André Hazel's turn to perform as a solo artist.
He was getting the energy going by performing some original songs in combination with some reggae covers.
During his second set as a solo artist he managed to perform a song that brought back memories for some of the people present at Kompaan Bier Bar.
29 August 2019
André Hazel started off the night performing live.
Singer-songwriter Nelson (Unplugged) performed after André Hazel.
André Hazel was joined in by Giia during his the 2nd set.
She sang two songs while Nelson was performing on the Cajon.
The night ended up in a short jam session where Katya joined in to sing together with Giia & André Hazel.
Kompaan Beer Bar is a cozy bar in The Hague, where craft beer is served to its visitors.
They also have delicious hamburgers, french fries, spare-ribs to name a few.
If you want to experience & taste Kompaan beer, feel free to take a visit.
For more information go to www.kompaanbier.nl/beer-bar






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