9 JULY 2022


Summer Market


André Hazel performed live in Scheveningen as one of many street musicians that was present during "Zomermarkt" that took in "De Keizerstraat".



Live on the streets


André Hazel performed on different locations in and around Keizerstraat. He brought live Summer music to the people and with his performance gave the people a more pleasant visit at Keizerstraat.



The locations


André Hazel started his performance in front of Appeltje Eitje, people enjoyed the performance. He continued his performance this time around Café Nik's. The last location was in front of De Maatschappij, here he performed while the Sun was shining. It was a good day filled with a lot of activities...


Keizerstraat is the main shopping street of the district of Scheveningen in Den Haag. There are shopping places, bars & restaurants in the area. At close proximity of the most popular beach in The Netherlands
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