Vlaggetjesdag was fun


Live music filled the streets of Keizerstraat in Scheveningen.

André Hazel performed live during the festivities close to the sea.

He was joined in by "Sham" & "Arie Spaans", who also performed at different locations during this fun day.



Performing at four locations


André Hazel started off performing live in the area close to "DUO Eten & Drinken" and "Ernies".

The audience were enjoying the live music from the start. He continued his live performance close to "De Maatschappij".

Before finishing his performance close to "Sphinx Grillroom", he went to "Viswinkel de Lange" and played a short set.



More Summer activities


This performance has been one of many this Summer in the area as many festivals are set to continue despite the pandemic.

Local bar & restaurant will also be featuring artists during the Summer as Scheveningen is well-known for their live music scene.

André Hazel hopes that his performance this Saturday afternoon will inspire the event organizers to continue organizing events that include artists to entertain a society that felt the absence of live music. This event was brought to you by "Vereniging BIZ Keizerstraat".



























             Footages by: Iwan de Brabander









Keizerstraat is the main shopping street of the district of Scheveningen in Den Haag. There are shopping places, bars & restaurants in the area. At close proximity of the most popular beach in The Netherlands
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19 JUNE 2021

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