Halloween with rain


It was a weekend full of events on the Markt in Maassluis.

André Hazel was set to perform live on Halloween while it was raining.

At first it seemed as if the event would be canceled, but that was not an option for the people of Maassluis.



With or without rain


André Hazel started his set while performing live under a tent, partially protected from rainfall.

The audience enjoyed the music while people walking by were also praising this unusual performance in the rain.

The weather condition was stormy mids his performance, by the end it stopped raining.



An unforgettable finale


When André Hazel announced that he would be performing his last song, the people of Maassluis as usual weren't having it.

So he decided to perform encore "songs" which created a party atmosphere on the Markt.

He culminated his performance with a Dutch song while everyone was singing along.

This sure was an unforgettable Sunday, which showed that the people of Maassluis would have fun with or without rain.



































31 OKTOBER 2021

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