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16 January : LADIES NIGHT
The year 2020 started off with yet another Ladies Night at sushi restaurant Hiro Mina.
André Hazel performed live to make the Ladies Night even more special.
His songs were intimate but also energetic, he also sang a birthday song for a special guest.
23 January : LADIES NIGHT
André Hazel performed during this edition of the ladies night together with “Nelson”.
The ladies enjoyed some live music while enjoying their food and beverages.
30 January : LADIES NIGHT
This has been the last Ladies Night for the Winter season of 2020.
André Hazel together again with Nelson entertained the audience with some live music.
The audience that were present enjoyed the music inside.
During the Summer there's an outside section at Hiro Mina to enjoy some drinks and delicious Japanese food.
18 September : MAGICAL EVENING
This time André Hazel performed outside on the terrace at Hiro Mina.
Together with Nelson (Unplugged) they performed from 17:30h until 23:00h.
People walking on the boulevard were so intrigued by live music that they were joining in to enjoy a magical evening with live music.
Hiro Mina is "the" Sushi restaurant of Noordwijk in The Netherlands.
André Hazel, together with "Nelson", got the chance to be the featured artists on Thursdays during the "Ladies Night" in the Winter season at Hiro Mina.
To make your reservations, visit www.hiromina.nl


Photo by: Ian Justin Tromp











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