5 February Opendag


It was the opening day at The Hague University. Potential students had the chance to have a look at the University to see if they want to study there.

André Hazel performed outside in front of the Campus HHS headquarters. The weather was nice, the sun was shining, but it was cold with a cool breeze.



Good cold start for André Hazel


This performance by André Hazel took place at a time where live music was  limited. During the opening day people were enjoying live music again. André Hazel is set to continue performing live in the year 2022.



8 November 2022  Winter Swap


The live performance during Winter Swap was to bring more people to have a day where they can swap clothing and bring some clothes. It took place in the Atrium of Haagse Hogeschool.

André Hazel did only a few songs but during his short performance students wete enjoying live music by André Hazel .


Pictures by: Vanessa Petrocchi

Campus Student Life & Sport helps students to be engaged in outside school activities. Students can get in contact with organizations, associations and cultural activities through Campus HHS.
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Winter Swap


Den Haag


Den Haag

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