31 MARCH 2023


Upcoming performance in the atrium


André Hazel is set to perform live during "Open Dag" that will take place at Haagse Hogeschool in The Hague. He will performing in the atrium of this prestige university.



Live educational background music


The performance by André Hazel will bring some good feel to the potential students that will be looking for a brighter future. He will be performing while information is being shared during "Open Dag".



Previous Open Dag at Haagse Hogeschool


André Hazel performed live in the past at The Hague University. This time during Open Dag that will take place on the 31st of March 2023. Campus HHS will be  organizing activities and presentations during this event alongside Haagse Hogeschool. Feel free to be present during this informative day...




Campus Student Life & Sport helps students to be engaged in outside school activities. Students can get in contact with organizations, associations and cultural activities through Campus HHS.


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Open Dag HHS

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