6 AUGUST 2022


An afternoon filled with live music


André Hazel performed live in the afternoon at Ijsselhuis in the city of Gouda.

More artists performed live during this day. It was a perfect Summer day and André Hazel perfromed some good vibe music during "Gouda Viert De Zomer".



Gouda in the Summer


It was the first time that André Hazel performed live as a solo artist in Gouda.

He previously performed with a band at "De Goudse Schouwburg".

This time he was outside and played some original music in combination with cover songs.



Live at Ijsselhuis


The performances started at 13:45 in the afternoon. The location, in the area of Museumhaven, is a historic place in the city of Gouda. Gouda is also celebrating its 750 year of existence.

Pictures by: Marco Hilgers

"Gouda Viert De Zomer" takes place in the Summer and has live performances every weekend in & around the city of Gouda. Every weekend there are four artists performing live in the area of Ijssel...
For more information go to: www.facebook.com/goudaviertdezomer


Gouda Viert De Zomer




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