3 JULY 2021

9 JULY 2021

 9 JULY 2021

Second time at Foodhall


At 18:30 the party started at Foodhall Scheveningen, situated on the boulevard of Strandweg.

HIs first set started with slow songs but ended with some more people joining in.

The audience came from outside to sit inside & enjoy some live music.


An unusual way of taking a break


At the end of his first set, he continued performing popular, cheesy songs for the audience.

There songs actually made people enjoy the evening even more and it was the perfect start for his second set.

During his second set people were even dancing on occasion and again singing along.



André Hazel just created a party

At the last part of his performance, he noticed that people were engaged and ready to party.

He decided to finish after playing more than 4 hours straight.

The after party started right after and people were having fun.

André Hazel is performing the day after and is also set to be a nice gig.








 3 JULY 2021

Set one


André Hazel started performing live around 17:00, when people were enjoying their food at Foodhall Scheveningen.

His first set consisted of little less energetic cover songs that the public enjoyed.

At the end of his first set he started to get energized and decided to take a break while preparing for his second set.



Things got a little heated


His second set was more energetic and the audience started to engage more in his music, even at times singing along while he was performing cover songs and original songs. By the end of his performance he added two more songs, but the audience started to chant the famous "we want more" words indicating that they want André Hazel to continue playing more songs.



One more time on stage


André Hazel decided to hit the stage again, during his unofficial last set he performed different songs.

Again he noticed the audience singing along and ended the evening with a nice Dutch sing-along song.

He is set to hit the stage again on 9th & 10th of July 2021, this would be a good occasion to enjoy some live music and have the option to chose from a variety of food that is available at Foodhall Scheveningen.





10 JULY 2021

 10 JULY 2021

Third time the charm


This was probably the last performance in the month of July at Foodhall Scheveningen.

The current restrictions on live music due to Covid-19 has led to cancellations of more performances by André Hazel at this amazing food court situated on the boulevard of Scheveningen.



A lovely evening


André Hazel sang his heart out this evening, even though his voice was not fully operational.

As the night progressed he got more and more energized.

This time he decided to take a break (without continuing performing during his break).



He might be back in August


There is a great chance that he will be back performing live at this amazing location.

He was set to perform twice in July & once more in August of the year 2021.

Let's all hope the restrictions will be less severe and that everything can go back as usual.





























                  Footages by: Marloes Geurts - Mourus




Foodhall Scheveningen is the newest food court in the area of Scheveningen.

There are 17 different places to find delicious food & beverages under one roof.

Foodhall Scheveningen is worth visiting if you are on the boulevard of strandweg.


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