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21 April 2019
André Hazel was present during this sunny Sunday afternoon.
The day started off with a live jam session in combination with BBQ outside.
It was so energetic that André Hazel joined in during the jam session.
At night André Hazel performed alongside "Joe" with his looping guitar, a special guest performer from England "Ellice" & the one and only Mark V., all the way from Asia.
4 August 2019
After two early performances, André Hazel performed for the third time on 4th of August 2019 at The Flying Pig Beach Hostel, alongside Mark V. & Nelson.
The audience was singing along and were even enthusiastic about listening to the original music of André Hazel.
The Flying Pig Beach Hostel is a nice location to spend your night located close to the beaches of Noordwijk.
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