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André Hazel had a busy weekend before performing live at De Luie Hond Festival at Strand Zuid.
He had two private shows the days before in Leiden, The Netherlands and the other in Nordkirchen, Germany.
The weather was what many considers "perfect" outside, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
André Hazel took the stage as the first act of this year's edition of De Luie Hond Festival at Strand Zuid in Arnhem, playing mostly reggae and Summer music.
Ebou Gaye Mada with Ussu N'djai & The New Balansa also performed live.
De Luie Hond festival at Strand Zuid takes place in the Summer, with every Sunday live acts performing live.
While enjoying live music, you can order your drinks and delicious food at the bar.
There's also a playground for kids and a beach in the area where you can listen to live music in the background.
For more information, visit their website at
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