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22 July 2020
At one of the best places for live music in Noord-Brabant, André Hazel had the privilege to perform again on this night.
Due to strict measurements taken surrounding Covid-19, André Hazel had to conform with performing without people singing along.
Dancing was also not permitted, but André Hazel told the audience his life stories in between songs and that made the performance even more intimate.
29 July 2020
During the performance of Nelson, André Hazel joined him on the Cajon.
Soon after the break, André took the stage to perform a few songs.
This time he decided to perform song that he hasn't played before on stage.
The audience started singing along and wanted to dance, but due to the restrictions they had to try to control their emotions and not sing or dance, which was very difficult to do.
Nelson closed the night with his last set while André Hazel was still on the Cajon.
Café JaxX is situated in Molenstraat, Roosendaal and serves delicious beverages and cocktails. They have live music and are also involved with many activities in the Roosendaal area.
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