12 JULY 2023





An amazing after-party at Café JaxX called "Parkies" took place in the city of Roosendaal. André Hazel was the first artist to perform at the after-party that takes place weekly during the Summer.



Roosendaal fun


Afterparkie started after 22:00 hours, people that has been at the festival went to the city area to continue partying and they chose Café JaxX as their destination. Well as it turned out, it became a sensational party while people were dancing & singing along while André Hazel showed his diversity in music styles during his live performance.



Extra performance during Afterparkie


André Hazel joined in as a special guest on the 19th of July 2023 with Nelson. It was a nice experience where André Hasel also played a set during this amazing night during Afterparkie...




Café JaxX

Bruin Café JaxX is situated in the center of Roosendaal. The place where you have a variety of high-cocktail, high-beer & high-gin. There's also live music every week at this amazing location...
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