18 MAY 2023


Ascension Day


On a Thursday night, André Hazel performed live at Café het Hart, situated in the city center. He played some live music in the beautiful city of Utrecht on the first ascension day.



Utrecht city


The city center of Utrecht is a location where André Hazel has performed in the past. It is a nice place where there's always a party vibe happening in Utrecht city. on 18th of May he shared his positive vibes once more.



Enjoy the music


There was a lot of activities happening in the city while André Hazel was performing at Café het Hart. The audience that came to the performance enjoyed the music, even people outside of Café het Hart came in to enjoy some live music.




Café Het Hart is situated in the center of Utrecht. The café embraces creative art.
This can be seen in the decoration inside this café. They have a stage for performing artist. You can get your drinks at the bar and with the option to sit on the terrace.
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Café Het Hart


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