27 MAY 2023


Brielsch Bier Festival


André Hazel performed live on a Saturday night in Brielle during "Brielsch Bier Festival in Brielle. This special event took place in Brielle at different locations on a Saturday.



Good feel music live


André Hazel brought some live popular music to the audience while they were enjoying their delicious beer. People could tast differernt beer brand. In front of where André Hazel performed was Vet & Lazy beer brand ROTT. & Solaes Brewery.



Brielle with live music


André Hazel performed live at Vergulde Colff in the centre of Brielle. The Sun was shining and people were enjoying the day tasting beer around the area of 't Kont van het Paard & Vergulde Colff...





Brielsch Bier Festival

't Kont van het Paard is a café & restaurant situated in the historic area of Brielle.
They have delicious food and have a bar where you can grab your drinks and on occasion enjoy some live music. They are the organizers of Brielsch Bier Festival.
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