Brielle welcomes André Hazel


On this Friday night, he (André Hazel that is) will be live again in the historic town of Brielle.

Throughout the years he has performed live at 't Kont van het Paard and is not an unknown name in the area.

He is set to perfrom some cover songs and combining it with some new original sing-a-long songs during his performance.



Kont of the Horse


This beautiful location can be considered a historic place in the town of Brielle.

This bar/restaurant has a nice interior design and after the kitchen closes, there is live music every Friday night.



Show time at De Maatschappij


André Hazel is set to perform live on the 5th of November 2021, starting at 22:00.

It will be on a Friday night, so a good opportunity to start your weekend with some live music.














             Event:                        André Hazel live at 't Kont v/h Paard


             Date of Event:            5 November 2021



             Time:                         22:00 - 23:30



              Address:                    Kaatsbaan 1, 3231 Xl


              City:                           Brielle



              Type of Event:           Live Music at Café


              Entrance:                   Free


              Age Restrictions:        18+





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't Kont van het Paard is a café & restaurant situated in the historic area of Brielle.

They have delicious food and have a bar where you can grab your drinks and on occasion enjoy some live music.


For more information go to: www.kontvanhetpaard.nl


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