André Hazel is known to perform with live bands. He is a multi-instrumentalist performing mainly on guitar. His first performance as a musician took place in the year 2000.




André Hazel has written and composed many songs for different bands and artists during his career as a musician. He joined The Red Haze Unplugged Tour in the year 2016. Together with 3 other singer/songwriters he performed around The Netherlands. This was his first tour as a solo artist. André Hazel is aiming to position himself as a well-known solo artist.





André Hazel has been involved in different projects during his artistic journey. After 2008 he became more involved in writing, composing, recording and mixing his own music. In 2012 he worked on a project called Mason Venue together with ex-band members. This project is momentarily on-hold in the pre recording phase. In 2015 he started his own music project called Dubbinance. He was the producer, composer and musician of this project.

In 2019 he is set to produce songs for artist G!!A, who will be singing Pop/R&B songs.




Start of André Hazel as a musician


The first music instrument that André Hazel was introduced to, was the steelpan. He was mentored by a famous steelpan player from Trinidad & Tobago. After finishing his lessons, his interest in becoming a musician grew to an extent on which he decided to learn to play other music instruments. The guitar became his primary instrument throughout the years.



The punk rock era


In 2000 while living in Aruba he joined a punk rock band called A.D.D.. He was a temporary replacement for the rhythm guitarist. After three months he formed his own band by the name of X-Q's. The band went on to have more than 40 gigs between the beginning of 2001 and mid 2002, actively performing original songs in the language of Papiamento. The band has been featured on various radio shows, events, TV shows and published in magazines on the island during this period of time.


In 2003 he joined the rock ska reggae band 2nd Thought. He was on the guitar, keys and backing vocals. This band had a successful run on the island of Aruba and in Falcon, the northern part of Venezuela.





The start of his solo career


André Hazel began writing and composing original songs in 2006. The songs were intended for his upcoming solo career. In the year 2008 he started to focus more on establishing a solo career as an artist. During this period he composed around 14 original songs. By the end of 2008 he released his first single "Signs", which had airplay on different local radio stations on the island of Aruba.





Move to the Netherlands


After his experience on the island of Aruba, he moved to The Netherlands to pursue his music career. He joined numerous bands in The Netherlands and  performed in cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam to name a few. In The Hague he co-founded Gen Jam, a blues rock band consisting of 7 band members. After the dissolvement of the band he started composing songs for a new music project, which ended up being Jero Cheats.





Collaboration with Management teams


The 2012 released single "Opinion" was managed by Artist Management group Music Matters. The music recordings took place at Hollandspoorstudios in The Hague.


André Hazel had the opportunity to work with the Leonova Management team at the beginning of 2016. While working with Leonova, he had the privilege to be part of The Red Haze Unplugged Tour.





André Hazel performing together with other acts


The Red Haze Unplugged Tour consisted of 4 individual artist performing live as singer/songwriter around The Netherlands. The tour is continuing in 2017 by the name of The Yellow Acoustic tour.


The tour features 3 singer/songwriters and 1 duo act performing live in the Netherlands.





André Hazel is working on new compositions.


The new songs will be part of the live performances as a solo artist.

He combines his songs with cover songs during his live performances. He is currently working on releasing some original songs under André Hazel.





His current role as band member


He is currently performing live as bass player for the band Rascal and is on occasion percussionist for the solo artist Nelson (Unplugged) in The Netherlands.

He has performed live as a band with Dubbinance and is set to release new songs for this reggae project.

The next step is to continue with the band after the pandemic is over.

He will be performing as main vocalist and guitar player for Dubbinance.





Current live performances as André Hazel


André Hazel had more than 80 performance in 2019.

The number of performances were limited in 2020 due to the worldwide pandemic.

in the year 2021 he's working on releasing some new songs and currently working together with other musicians.

As a solo artist he is planning to perform in other countries after the Corona-crisis is under control.



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