Familiar faces


André Hazel entered the restaurant and saw familiar faces. They were people that already experienced André Hazel live.

So it was promising to be a special performance at De Beren Maassluis.



André Hazel LIVE


The performance initiated and already you could feel the joy that people were having. it was a special occasion so live music was helping people to enjoy the day to the max. At the end of his performance he decided to p[ay two more songs, people were singing along and also dancing.



After party


The performance ended and André Hazel was invited to perform again at an after party at a disclosed location. The after party was also a success where people were singing along and enjoying the live music. In all it was an amazing day and André Hazel definitely enjoyed performing once again in Maassluis.
















De Beren Maassluis is a nice place to have lunch or dinner. It is situated in the center of Maassluis. You can also enjoy some nice drinks at this location, so not only delicious food.
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11 DECEMBER 2021

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