Beautiful weather at Badhuisstraat


On the wonderful street of Badhuisstraat there was live music by André Hazel & other musicians. The Sun was shining, but it was chilly outside.

André Hazel managed to play some nice Summer songs during this day.



More musicians


André Hazel had was not the only musician performing live at Badhuisstraat that day. Duo van Ossenhaas also performed live and Emma Groen & Anne-Roos Teunissen were doing some live performance.



Nice cold day ended with a mini-jam session


At the end of the day before all the shops were closing their doors, all the artist gathered and combined their powers and performed a few songs. It was a nice moment to embrace live music that in some way is missing due to measurements.

It was a good time to enjoy the Christmas spirit with the people of Badhuisstraat in Scheveningen.






Den Haag








Popagenda Scheveningen is currently teaming up with Badhuisstraat Scheveningen to bring some entertainment to this unique street, situated in the city area of Scheveningen, The Hague.
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