Re-energizing Badhuisstraat


Scheveningen has different locations where activities takes place.

Even shopping streets, Badhuisstraat is one of the interesting streets in Scheveningen. André Hazel is set to perform live on the streets of Badhuisstraat to give the people some extra energy during the Christmas season.



André on the streets


The people of Scheveningen are familiar with live music on the street.

André Hazel did have street performances before in the area of Scheveningen.

This will be thought, the first time André Hazel is performing on the streets of Badhuisstraat.



André Hazel during the day


The live performance by André Hazel on the streets of Badhuisstraat will take place on 8th of December & 23rd of December 2021 and it will start at 14:00 and is projected to end around 16:00. He will be performing at different locations in Badhuisstraat.











Den Haag


Den Haag












Event:                        Live music in Badhuisstraat


Date of Event:           8 December / 23 December 2021



Time:                         14:00 - 16:00



Address:                    Badhuisstraat, Scheveningen


City:                           Den Haag



Type of Event:           Live street performance


Entrance:                   Free


Age Restrictions:        All Ages




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The main goal of Popagenda Scheveningen is to bring and promote live music in the area of Scheveningen. Creating and organizing festivals are also part of the activities of Popagenda Scheveningen .


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