The culinary experience


André Hazel performed live during Amuse-Notenpad that took place in Leiderdorp on the 4th of June 2023. He performed between two of the 7 locations that were hosting this event.



Things to do at Leiderdorp


André Hazel performed during this event. The event was presented by "Things2do", an event organization that organizes special events in the area of Leiden & Leiderdorp.



Fun Sunday


André Hazel performs between Kookplanet & Ijscafé Danice. The event takes place annually on the first Sunday of June. During his performance people really enjoyed the day, the weather was also amazing while the sun was shining.  A special thanks to the organizers of Amuse-notenpad's & the two locations that were part of this amazing event...


Amuse Notenpad is a culinary walking tour that takes place every first of June in the area of Leiderdorp at 7 participating locations of catering industry. At different location during the day there will be live music.
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4 JUNE 2023






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